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Apr. 23rd, 2009


(no subject)

Does anybody happen to have boys don't cry with hilary swank... '98 movie...

I've watched up to 1:11 on megavideo but the damn thing timed out, and evertime i load it up again to watch it from where i left off i keep getting the same 'you've watched 72minutes' message. So frustrating, and its such a good movie...

Mar. 8th, 2008


(no subject)

life is fabulous :D

well...apart froms school but who likes school lol! Wonderful wonderful things!
happy march everybody!

Jan. 16th, 2008


school update...

The mocks are scarily close...

I was just thinking today "oh yay the midterm isnt too far off.." 
But like, that means our mocks are straight afterwards so its pretty scary! I just realised how vast a lot of our courses are and how much fucking studying i have to do! And my attention span is getting washed away every weekend loL! Christ im fucked...

But i guess im doing pretty good in english, maths, woodwork and im starting to work in spanish...
So i jsut have to get good at biology and glance over some notes in irish and i should be ok.

Ok enough with teh random everyday entries! Adios!

Jan. 7th, 2008


Random creativity

Im getting very creative lately... I dont know where its coming from! But im not complaining :)
Apart from poetry, although i've lots of ideas i cant just seem to get that... poetry feeling. *shrug*

Latest art ambitions i plan to undertake are: -

The Joker
A comic-style drawing

And hopefully a few photos and stuff along the way. Maybe even a little cam-whoring if im feeling vain!
Ugh school 2mro, wish it was a snow day like a few days ago. Snow is magical stuff :)

Dec. 30th, 2007


quiz survey thing

Funnnn Facts about me... :)

the word or phrase that best describes my personality:: Alco lol
the best or worst lie i've ever told:: Worst - saying my nose was really itchy when i was tryin to hide my septum!!
fill in the blank: _____ is sexy; _____ is sexier.: Christian bale ; Kate moss
my most humbling moment:: No idea
the last thing that made me laugh out loud:: Remembering paddy handin a receit to a cashier as money
if i could be anywhere right now:: LONDON
if i had a million dollars:: I'd move, buy a penthouse and have a party
five items i can't live without:: Coke, Company, Hair Product, Movies, Parties
25 years from now i see myself:: Filthy fucking rich
the role religion plays in my life:: Sitting for 80mins a week in religion class wasting time :(
my personal motto or creed:: Carpe Diem
my personal style:: The 'hungover' look?
the celebrity i resemble the most:: I've been told mila jojovich or somethin?
favorite item of clothing:: Jeanns.... or fancy underware!
in my bedroom one will find:: Painkillers, alcohol, clothes, an amazing bed, 32" tv
in my refrigerator one will find:: Beer, Food, A shit load of coke.
the pace of my life is best described as:: Verrry relaxed
what i like - or dislike - about what i do for a living:: I dont get paid, Im in school...that sucks?
the type of family i come from:: Theyre ok i guess
my favorite way to spend a weekend:: Party 2 nights a week, the 3rd spent relaxin
if i could take a class on any subject it would be:: English
my most unusual or impressive skill:: You tell me
the last great book i read:: Is this supposed to be funny? hehe
in my stereo right now you\'ll find:: Pink - Im not dead (its trapped in my broken sterio)
5 albums i can\'t live without:: T&S debut album,Missundastood,Atticus,No doubt... and i duno what else?
the best movie i say this year:: the Presteige
movies which spend the most time in my dvd player:: Batman, The sweetest thing, Transformers
favorite on-screen sex scene:: The one in 'imagine me and u' is pretty funny
activities i'd enjoy on a date:: Cinema, eating, drinking, Laughing...
shampoo i use:: Dumb blonde by bedhead.

Dec. 24th, 2007


(no subject)

Its windy tonight.
The powerful gusts at least,
can pry you from my memories.
And grace me with the scents
of candles and incence.

The revolting repetitive tunes,
echo through the house.
But all in all, they triumph.
For otherwise it would just be
the venemous words commited to memory.

The icy chill represents
the new beginning im forced to greet.
The resolution i'll never keep,
and the promisses im sure to break.
But isnt everybody in teh same boat.

Merry fuckin christmas!


Dec. 18th, 2007


(no subject)


but my painkillers dont... I get high on them sometimes :) Like thismorning, woodwork seemed so much more magical!
Hm, so exam week is almost halfway through...
I got results for biology (54), Spanish (64) and Irish (49) today, none of them are great as you can see...
So much for my less stress attitude to school, oops! However i did get my Plath responce and got 76, almost an A :)

Hm... theres a gig on friday that i'm probably going to go to, but i was ment to be going with some friends but now im probably going to be a massive third wheel, and i dont like tricicles. So i might just go to sarsies...BUT doing that means i'll have no money for dublin.
GOD the dilemmas, i feel like im on the oc!

anyway...erm... merry sexmas all you christmas mistresses out there :)

Dec. 4th, 2007



curly cian straightned his hair today ^^ hehe

also, after dying of embarassment all day i feel somewhat human again.
Thank fuck for that.

Nov. 21st, 2007




i cried with the laughter!

Oct. 8th, 2007


Randomness in computers

Oohhh! Public entray for the first time in forevarrrr!
Oh em ghee you guys!

So yeah im sittin in computers, bored as fuck! I get to send emails to my sexy alcoholic teacher though *orgasm*
Erotic emails all the way haha! Ah i need some coke! GIMEH SOME!

Maybe witha splash of vodka in there.. Yum!

Argh schools gay! dya hate it!?
I was watchin girls of the playboy mansion yday,its fuckin class!They went snowboarding 8-) I wana go!
Wheeeeee! Anyway this is getting abit boring!

Comment me? Bebo is blocked on these gay computers... Noooo! But it is like... 9.50 so i dont think anybody would be online anyway! I so want a starbucks right now,oh yeah!
Anyway adios bitches x

ps. Miss pepper is hot as BRICKS (yes i said bricks,so fuck:P Drunkey quote)

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